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What Is Wpit18? How To Register & Login On Wpit18 Dashboard

Do you know the tradition where a fight between animals organized by the people now becomes an online battle? Imagine a field where the strongest animal wins the game, and the owner of the animal gets money and recognition. Here, the deal is the same; however, the field we use here is an online platform involving participants and an audience who enjoys the battle.

Wpit18 Sabong is a digital cockfighting game that occurs on an online platform, Wpit18.com. You can also say Wpit18.com is a popular website for the World Pitmaster Cup that involves a highly competitive battle among cocks.

If you are someone who likes thrillers and fair games, then one of the best ways to win lots of money and rewards is through this online championship. There are some other platforms like WPC2027, this game is also an online sabong platform.

About Wpit18com Online Sabong Game

Wpit18 is quite a popular game in countries like the Philippines, where cockfighting is one of their incomes. People bring their birds, participate in this battle and win a lot of cash by winning. Earlier, when it was one of the offline battles like wrestling or any fighting game. However, technological advancement and the rising internet web among people have become similar to any online game. People can register themselves from anywhere and participate in this game. 

And if you are new to this website, try creating an account on Wpit18.com for yourself and then select a game in which you wish to participate. After this, a login dashboard will appear on your account, where you can find all the future events and activities. You can also enjoy any battle by relaxing in your home. For the audience, there is Wpit.18 live Sabong that happens in a gap of durations. The competition’s date and timing will be notified when you have your account on this website. 

Wpit18 Dashboard Login Process

Would you like to learn how to register for Wpit18? Continue reading if you’re also interested in learning how to log in and register for the WPit18 dashboard. Participating in this event is not as simple as you may think. You have to abide by the rules and guidelines provided on the website.

  • Visit https://www.wpit18.com to find out more.
  • The current role, like an agent, is listed on the website.
  • Must apply for your playing role.
  • As soon as you register, you can easily earn 10 to 15 K sitting at home through the Wpit18 online sabong game.
  • You can choose the payment option, and after getting the money you can enjoy your day.

How To Register Yourself On Wpit18 Online Sabong

  • Visit https://www.wpit18.com and fill the form.
  • Just Sign Up for a new account.
  • Fill in the details given in the registration form.
  • After filling out the form you can submit it, and now you are registered on Wpit18 live.

Rules And Regulation Of Wpit18 Sabong Live Game

The legality and regulation of such battles where animals are used for events like the fight has always been questionable. If we talk about ethical and moral obligations towards such kind of activity, we have a different opinion over here. 

While there are countries such as the Philippines and others where it is one of the important sources of income and traditions, there are religious countries where animal fighting or any other activity involving damage and destruction of innocent creatures is a serious crime. So, ethically, it entirely depends on your beliefs and requirements.

As far as regulation is concerned, Wpit18 has its own regulatory body that takes care of animals’ welfare and safety. Various rules and regulations have been made for such events that require an organization to watch over any illegal activities. It creates a safe and sound environment for participants, particularly for animals. The website also takes care of the health of animals and any unlawful activities are a punishable offense.

Even though people of the modern world always raise questions about such activities where animals become a source of entertainment and battle. The traditional incidents always took us back to when people used animals and other creatures for their benefit. It’s just a matter of beliefs and requirements.


WPC, which stands for World Pitmaster Cup, gets its online coverage through quite a popular website Wpit18.com. People from the Philippines and other countries participate in this cockfighting battle; if they win, they get a lot of money and rewards. It serves as a vital source of cash for developing economies as well as being used for amusement. Almost every country participates in this battle and tries its luck.

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