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A Beginners Guide To Harry Potter Wizards Unite

A new augmented reality mobile game has just been released by Niantic, the maker of Pokemon Go. The new game, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, has gameplay elements similar to those in Pokemon Go, such as the capability to engage in combat with bizarre and fantastical creatures. You should take note of our top five pieces of advice if you wish to start off strong in this game.

Potion Ingredients Are Accessible All Day Long

You may occasionally have to wait if you find yourself in need of copious quantities of potion ingredients. To get ingredients for potions, you can look around you. But it’s crucial to remember that depending on the time of day, the foods you find in specific locations will vary.

Here Are Some Helpful Recipes For Potions And Master Notes

To make your potions, you will undoubtedly need a few materials. The use of master notes is also necessary, though. Master notes, which are secret sequences, can be used to hasten the brewing of a potion.

Just tap the wooden spoon against the brewing cauldron once the process has begun. A row of squares will then appear at the top of the screen. Using this knowledge, you can determine how many acts are necessary to finish the potion’s master note. You must correctly play the master note three times in order for it to be permanently revealed to you.

Check them out here along with some other helpful potion information rather than figuring out the master notes via trial and error.

This Simple Trick Will Speed Up Your Game

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is now operating a little slowly, which is a problem that many players are experiencing. Niantic’s servers are probably under stress right now due to the growing number of active gamers. The assets for the game should be downloaded to your phone.

Once you’ve been taken to the subsequent screen, click the gear icon in the top-left area of your screen. You’ll reach the settings menu as a result.

Go down to the settings menu next. From the drop-down selection that opens, choose “Download All Assets.” Once you’ve done this, the game will need to talk to Niantic’s servers while you’re playing. Your game will start to run significantly faster because there won’t be as much data to download from the internet.

Stay In Nearby Hotels Frequently To Replenish Your Spell Energy

Spell energy, an essential resource for casting spells, is available from inns. Each meal you eat gives you spell energy, but there is a limited supply of food accessible at inns. Fortunately, every five minutes, each inn will replenish its supplies. You should therefore frequent inns frequently to keep your supply of spell energy topped off.

Diversity Is King

You get to experience each time you find a foundable or repel a confoundable. But by varying things up, you can gain even more experience points.

When you find a fresh foundable or confoundable or perform a fresh spell while spelunking, you will get experience. As a result, in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, always ensure that you gain from new developments.

Perform Your Daily Tasks

You should finish your daily duties if you want to stay in front of the group. Your daily assignments are located in their own tab on the menu screen. You will receive currency, equipment, and experience for completing these quest-like tasks.

With Friends, You Can Learn More

Here, leveling up is the objective. Playing this game with friends will be beneficial if you want to level up more quickly. When tasks are finished with a group, you gain more wizarding and challenge experience.

Select Your Field Of Work Wisely

The equivalent of picking a class in an RPG game is picking a career in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Each career offers a distinct set of talents, with advantages and disadvantages for various circumstances. For example, the Magizoologist is a healer and a bit of a tank. The Auror, on the other hand, is a harm-doer. When it comes to puzzles, the Professor is excellent. Make a sensible career choice.


What is the new Harry Potter app called?

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

Where can I play Harry Potter: Wizards Unite?

Google Play

Is Harry Potter: Wizards Unite offline?


Who caused the calamity in Wizards unite?

Gareth Greengrass

Is Harry Potter: Wizards Unite as Pokemon go?


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