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An E-Commerce Platform Bluecore Raises $125 Million Series E on $1 Billion Valuation

The Online retail technology firm that converts casual shoppers into lifelong customers for the world’s fastest-growing retail brands.

Bluecore an online platform for personalizing e-commerce has announced a $125 million Series E funding round at a $1 billion value.

Georgian, a multibillion-dollar financial business that invests in high-growth software companies using data to great effect, served as the round’s lead investor. Georgian doubled its stake in Bluecore for the second consecutive year. Other previous investors FirstMark and Norwest, as well as new investment Silver Lake Waterman, joined it. With the latest investment, Bluecore’s total capital now exceeds $225 million, giving it a $1 billion valuation.

The financing will be used by the business to quicken the development of its e-commerce products and its investment in analytics and AI. Bluecore was created for the realm of online purchasing, in contrast to huge marketing clouds and legacy technology created for mass marketing. It prioritizes and achieves key e-commerce KPIs, such as higher purchase frequency and customer lifetime value, that have a direct impact on retail growth. Therefore, the business is directly in charge of generating billions in Gross Merchandising Value for a large number of shops.

As consumers switched to quick, personalized customer experiences, the retail industry has seen sales change from an 85 percent physical store share to a 50/50 online-offline split over the last two years. Today, regardless of whether the final purchase is made online or in a physical store, more than 75% of customers are expected to start their interaction with a retailer through digital channels.

The acquisition is merely the beginning of a customer’s journey in this new, digitally first world. Long-term growth depends on converting one-time purchases into repeat customers, which calls for establishing a sequence of exciting moments while consumers browse and assess things online. General purpose systems cannot accomplish this, which leads to sluggish and disjointed digital experiences. Brands that sell through digital platforms require e-commerce-specific solutions.

The most effective way for businesses to encourage the growth of e-Commerce is through marketing that emphasizes the entire customer lifecycle, whether it is done as part of an omnichannel strategy or as a pure play direct-to-consumer model.

By acting on the quantity and variety of real-time shopper signals that Bluecore is able to process, retailers may boost client loyalty. Its predictive retail AI technology combines three previously disjointed data sets- Shopper Identity, Shopper Behavior, and Product Catalog- into a single, unified perspective.

Bluecore, which is positioned at the center of retailers’ digital marketing stacks, uses this first-party data to forecast and carry out the precise experience a customer should have across owned and paid digital channels, such as email, e-commerce websites, and social media, and search ads. The most sophisticated customers of Bluecore are additionally able to estimate supply chain logistics and make better merchandising and pricing decisions thanks to the visibility into this confluence of consumer interactions and product data.

In the Personal Commerce age, shops compete with every other digital experience as well as other brands, rather than just other brands. Customers, therefore, anticipate from retail companies the same degree of 1:1 curation that they receive from services like Netflix, Spotify, and other top-notch experiences, according to Fayez Mohamood, CEO and Founder of Bluecore. For the past eight years, we have been preparing for the inevitable day when e-commerce would be the primary driver of development for all businesses. Predicting changes in the market will always be our responsibility in order to help shops navigate constant change.

For the world’s fastest-growing retail enterprises, Bluecore is a marketing technology company that converts sporadic customers into loyal ones. Brands can now completely personalize the communications they deliver to customers through their email, e-commerce, and paid media shopping experiences thanks to Bluecore’s patented shopper and product matching technology and the introduction of Bluecore CommunicateTM, Bluecore SiteTM, and Bluecore AdvertiseTM.

Bluecore allows businesses to handle these communications through a single interface by swapping out manual processes for an efficient, AI-driven workflow. When the company unveiled the first shared-success pricing model in the sector in 2019, it made a significant risk itself. 


Who is the CEO of Bluecore?

Fayez Mohamood

How many funds have been raised?

$ 125 Million

Which series of funding has been raised?

Series E

How much has the company been valued since the fundraising round?

$ 1 Billion

What is Bluecore?

A marketing technology company.

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