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Why Should One Switch to Bamboo Fabric?

Capitalist guilt hits hard when one lives a life full of everything and constantly tries to give back to nature. From vegan choices to nature-friendly products, everything comes from the intention to make the earth a better place. As a result, bamboo shirts in Australia are more of a new addition to that list of sustainable choices because it keeps up with the motto of environment-friendly decisions. At the same time, it represents Australia’s individuality and pays homage to its heritage.

Reasons for Switching to Bamboo Fabric

People often find it hard to switch to eco-friendly fabrics because they might do good for nature, but they can’t compete with the comfortable people are accustomed to. The following reasons show how the bamboo fabric is different in this case:

UV Protection and Antibacterial Qualities

In Australian weather, by filtering almost 97.5% of UV radiation, bamboo fabric provides natural protection from the harmful rays of the sun. Skin cancer is a common factor nowadays, and UV rays are significantly responsible for that. Like the shade of bamboo trees, the bamboo fabric also gives you natural bliss. Odours usually come from clothes because they are not antibacterial. But those who have worn bamboo shirts in Australia for a few years have reported that the odour problem has almost vanished because of the antibacterial properties.

Extremely Soft Fabric

Bamboo fabric has a floating quality that feels very comfortable on the skin. The fibre is responsible for such fine quality. The bamboo fibre has a smooth and luxurious round texture that makes it very different. Many organic fibres have a sharpness that can easily irritate. Despite having nature-friendly intentions, people avoid those clothes because of this reason. But that is not the case for bamboo fibre.

Comfortable for Scorching Weather

The heat-regulatory qualities of bamboo clothing material will keep you cool in the hot weather. In recent years, wildlife has increased the hotness of the continent more than ever. Bamboo shirts can be an ideal choice for you in such weather. Quality bamboo fabrics can soak moisture well and make the shirts more breathable. Hence, if someone plans to switch from linen or cotton to something else, bamboo fabric is the right option.

Breathable Quality of the Fabric

Because of the lack of ventilation in fibre, people often suffer from rashes and itches on the skin. It makes the whole wardrobe experience a bad one. But quality bamboo fabrics have microscopic holes in them. It also saves you the tiresome job of washing the clothes after wearing those clothes one or two times. It stays fresh for a prolonged period. The quality of the clothes endures because of the need for less washing.

Thermoregulatory Properties

The heat-regulatory abilities of bamboo clothing material prevent you from freezing during winter. As you can see, bamboo clothing is perfect for all seasons. It happens due to the layout of the fibres that retain heat when the temperature plummets. Interestingly, bamboo provides better insulation than cotton. It soaks the body moisture effortlessly and keeps your skin happy. Because of this diverse quality, it is one of the best fabrics for sports attire and other intimate clothes. 


Australia has three native bamboo species that one can find in massive numbers. With this abundance of availability, it is not only an eco-friendly choice but a reasonable economic one that will contribute to the local business of your country. Shirts, pants, dresses—everything feels better with the touch of bamboo fabric. It is high time people start experiencing it.

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