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Six Features That Make Tungsten Rings a Popular Choice

Men’s jewellery is a sector with infinite potential. While gold, silver, and platinum have dominated the market and popular imagination for decades, exciting alternatives are emerging. The mens tungsten ring has seen an upsurge in the jewellery market, and the consumer base will only expand. According to a survey conducted in 2019, about 27% of US men preferred tungsten carbide models to gold and platinum ones. What makes tungsten relevant and prevalent, particularly among men? Find out!

Heavy and Tough

Tungsten scores a high nine on the Mohs hardness scale, just behind diamonds, which have the distinction of being the hardest material on Earth. This fact speaks volumes of its strength, resilience, and ability to resist scratches. You can only use diamonds to tamper these tungsten-based rings.

Once you purchase a variant, you can wear it on all occasions without being perturbed or anxious about its safety. From gardening to working in a garage, you can sport them at all times without leaving a mark on the surface. They are ideal options for people with an active lifestyle who partake in activities that can damage a regular gold ring. Their toughness also enhances their durability; you can make a one-time purchase and own the ring for years without investing in another for decades. 

However, remember that a nine-pointer on the Mohs scale does not equate to being indestructible. While you do not have to fret over possible scratches on the rings, they can still break and develop cracks. With tremendous force, you will not see them getting bent, but they can give in to form cracks.

Withstands Heat and Resists Acids

Tungsten boasts a high melting point (3,410°C) and, therefore, can withstand extremely high temperatures. Industrial workers, who have to deal with furnaces and boilers, can conveniently opt for these tungsten carbide rings. Furthermore, these rings do not react after coming in contact with most acids. Thus, their popularity also stems from their inclusive characteristic as people involved in different professions can wear them hassle-free.


Speaking of inclusivity, these rings reach a new high with their affordability factor. Tungsten boasts a low price tag, as it is available in large quantities. Unlike precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum, tungsten is readily available, rendering it accessible to everyone. You do not need to drain your savings or burn a hole in your pocket to purchase one. Even with a $200 bill, you can get a top-notch tungsten carbide wedding ring, while a gold equivalent will cost you a minimum of $500. 

Tungsten carbide rings pair well with gemstones like emeralds and rubies. Therefore, if you have the budget, you can opt for these precious and semi-precious stones. Something for everyone, right?

Safeguards Against Injuries

You can remove these rings at a quick pace with ease, even faster than gold ones. Thus, in medical emergencies, a mens tungsten ring will not cause inconvenience. Furthermore, on impact against hard surfaces, they do not bend or change shapes and, thus, protect you from severely injuring your finger.

Evergreen Lustre

Once polished, tungsten retains its shine and lustre for decades without wearing off. You can find the ring shimmering and attractive as a newly-bought model even after wearing it regularly for years. 


Tungsten has become a highly sought-after metal for rings being hypoallergenic. You are not susceptible to allergies and other skin conditions. They are ideal for all skin types, which may differ from gold rings.

Wrapping Up

A mens tungsten ring symbolises strength and rigidity, which appeal to men’s inherent masculine attributes. Their ever-increasing popularity should not surprise you, given their low price rates, durability, and other crucial features. Are you vying to purchase a wedding ring for the man of your life? Consider a tungsten-based model and be assured of impressing him with your choice. 

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