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Aiven Raises $100M In Series C To Expand Globally In Its Next Move

Aiven is a Finland-based software company that works on combining open-source technologies with cloud computing.

Aiven 100m Series

Aiven has raised $100M in series C. With this, Aiven’s total investment has risen to over $150M at a valuation of more than $800M by now. The Series C round was administered by Atomico, with assistance from new investors such as Salesforce Ventures and World Innovation Lab. 

Aiven’s lead investors in previous series A and series B have also increased their investment commitments in a major move. With the help of these remarkable recent investments as sawersventurebeat.

It’s likely that Aiven will use these investments to introduce new products to the industry and increase its efforts in developing Open source technologies which will be another step towards Aiven’s expansion on the international level, Products by Aiven have universal appeal and 100m series investments will help them address underserved markets. The company also plans to increase its number of employees by next year in a significant move.

“Aiven’s aim is to outdone others in open source, which will make the lives of developers better,” said Oskari Saarenmaa, CEO and co-founder at Aiven. “This 100m ai funding will help us focus on our technology. With this, we aim to grow our team and expand ourselves into a bigger and much more effective company”

One of the fascinating figures of today is that open-source database management has earned more than marketing services in data 2021. A lot of existing tools impose a heavy burden if managed in-house. Aiven makes access to the finest open-source technologies easy.

It also offers the best management services for influential open-source projects such as Cassandra, M3, PostgreSQL, Apache Kafka, etc in the public cloud. With the help of Aiven, companies of all kinds and sizes, greatest to smallest – such as – Comcast, Vidio, Fiverr, Wolta, etc – could have modern, and highly functional open source infrastructure from end to end security, management, to 24×7 services, etc.

“We think that Aiven will be the global category winner in giving the best open source data infrastructure that works comparatively the best. Globally and in seconds,” stated Hiro Tamura, Partner at Atomico. “The services offered by Aiven are the first choice of investors and customers.

Even for the data needs of global companies –  because Aiven’s technology is easy to use, adequate, and most significantly transparent. With Aiven, developers can now focus more on development rather than management, not their domain.”

“Large and medium size companies prefer Aiven because they have a huge amount of data and it’s important for them to iterate that data efficiently,” CEO said. “For instance, we work with some retail companies in large areas who are moving data between their physical stores,  warehouses, eCommerce sites, etc.

With the help of the Aiven platform, such companies can have a customized infrastructure of data in the public cloud that will allow them to move this data quicker and more efficiently use them apart from gaining insights from their data pipelines.”

Aiven is headquartered in Helsinki and has offices in Sydney, Berlin, Toronto, etc. Aiven provides managed open-source data technologies, like Kafka, and M3. Through Aiven, developers can invest in where they actually should i.e. application development.

Meanwhile, Aiven continues doing what they do best; manage the data infrastructure. Aiven lets their customers drive business results from open source that trigger true transformations far beyond. 

With recent investments, Aiven intends to:

  • Double their number of employees,
  • Introduce new and better products,
  • Develop more open-source technologies and
  • Expand internationally.

Aiven 100m series 800msawersventurebeat

Open Source Management has witnessed a huge spike in investments and customer needs over the past decade, and this is only here to grow. With the recent aiven 100m series C in funding, and with this funding Aiven’s total valuation reached up to 800m, it’s certain that Aiven will grow by leaps and bounds and introduce better technologies in the world.

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