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Ayesha Curry’s Biography, Physique, Husband, Career, And Net Worth

Famous Canadian-born chef Ayesha Alexander Curry is also an author of cookbooks, a model, an actor, and a vlogger. She began her culinary journey in 2014 when her Little Lights of Mine YouTube channel was launched. Ayesha is creating an empire by publishing recipes for her countless global social media following. Her most recent cookbook, “The Seasoned Life,” has garnered rave reviews. 

An Overview Of Ayesha Curry

On March 23, 1989, Ayesha Disa Curry was born in Canada. She writes cookbooks, appears on food shows, and is an actress. After appearing as a guest on several TV series and films, she started hosting her own programme, Ayesha’s Homemade, sometimes known as Ayesha’s Home Kitchen, on the Food Network.

She didn’t receive any formal culinary training, but in 2014, she started her culinary career by making her first meal for a YouTube demonstration on her channel Little Lights of Mine. Curry has produced numerous videos for her YouTube account Little Lights of Mine as well as two cookbooks, The Seasoned Life (2016) and The Full Plate (2017), both of which will be available in 2020.

Ayesha’s Physique

She is an Aries according to horoscopes. Additionally, Aries are pioneers. They are those who pave the way for others to follow in new directions. Curry is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 70 kilograms. She also has gorgeous black hair and charming brown eyes.

Ayesha’s Family

Ayesha has four siblings: Chad, Maria, Janiece, and Jaz. Her parents are John and Carol Alexander. Prior to moving to Charlotte, North Carolina, at age 14, she was born and reared in Toronto. She was quite young when she developed an interest in cooking.

Ayesha would watch as her babysitter made roti and Trinidadian stew and gave it to customers while her mother managed a salon out of their home’s basement.

Ayesha”s Career

In California, Ayesha Curry began her career as a model and actor. “Too Young for Love,” Suga Prince’s debut music video, featured Suga Prince. She appeared in several television shows, including Whittaker Bay, The Little Ghost, and Hannah Montana, to mention a few. Her career as a celebrity chef is currently highly successful.

Ayesha is incredibly passionate about food. 2014 marked the beginning of her career as a chef, and from that point forward, there was no turning back. In the latter’s “Test Kitchen” series, she worked as a guest partner with chef Michael Mina as the two food lovers explored the numerous nuances and flavors of barbecue.

Ayesha & Steve’s Love Story Turned Into A Wonderful Family

The length of Stephen and Ayesha’s marriage is a matter of public record. When Ayesha was only 14 years old, they first connected at a church youth group. Following that, the couple began dating and were wed on July 30, 2011. They have three kids together. Firstly, Riley Elizabeth was born to Steph’s wife in July 2012. Ryan Carson, Ayesha’s second child, was then born in July 2015, and on July 4, 2018, Canon W. Jack was born.

As all three of the Curry family’s children were born in July, it appears that the month is lucky for them. Currently, the five members of the family are living in their magnificent home in the bay area. Additionally, based on the numerous photos Ayesha publishes of her family having a good time, the family appears to be very content.

Ayesha’s Net Worth And Its Sources

Ayesha worked as an actress prior to becoming a cook. When Whittaker Bay was on television, she portrayed Keeley Hawkins. Ayesha launched a food blog and a YouTube cooking channel after being married to Steph.

She has also participated in episodes of Guy’s Grocery Games and Chopped Junior as a judge. Cookbooks and cookware are both produced by Ayesha. She is reportedly worth $10 million.


What company makes Ayesha Curry cookware?

Seasoned Life LLC

Where can we obtain the recipes for Ayesha Curry dishes?

The recipes for Ayesha Curry’s meals are available on her YouTube channel.

Who is the husband of Ayesha?

Stephen Curry

How many children does Ayesha have?


How many tattoos does Ayesha Curry have?


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