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4 Games That Are Perfect for NFL Fans

When asked what your favorite professional sport is, are you quick to answer the National Football League – NFL? The NFL is the favorite sport of millions across the country who are sure to always be in front of their TV screen or at the game when their team plays. And with the Superbowl fast approaching, fans are going to need to find a way to keep themselves busy and entertained in the off-season until things kick off again in September. We’ve got you covered with four games that are perfect for NFL fans just like you.

Madden NFL 23

There are plenty of NFL and football-based video games that you can play but if you want the best of the best, and one that became a classic the moment it launched, then you’ve got to play Madden NFL 23. This is the most current instalment in the series so you can expect the best gameplay on the market in terms of features, how intuitive and responsive the game is and of course the action.

This one is available on the PS5 and PS4 with online play that brings adrenaline. What’s new in this game is the ability to call the shots and see what it’s like to be in charge when it comes to the franchise, the trades and the free agency strategy and logic. Gameplay has been made to feel more realistic and authentic, with plays flowing smoother than ever before. The player-focused cameras help to make you feel part of the action.

Madden NFL 22

If you’ve enjoyed the gameplay in Madden NFL 23 and you want to shake things up a little bit, why not check out Madden NFL 22 as well? It’s still relatively new, so it’s going to offer all the high-tech features that you’re used to. It’s just a way of delving deeper into the sport in an online sense.

And while you’re looking back at the Madden titles it’s worth noting that any year is a gem. It doesn’t matter which one you can get your hands on; this is a series that has stood the test of time for a reason. The game consistently offers incredible gameplay and is always evolving and getting better, and because that season’s roster of players is represented, it can be a cool stroll through NFL history.

Mutant League Football

Now let’s take a step back in time in terms of games and check out an option for your PC. Mutant Football League was originally released back in 1993 by EA Games. And while it was fun and a big deal at the time, this is the kind of game that has only done better with age. In online gaming circles, this one is a classic. 

It is a strategy-based game where you need to build a roster that has what it takes to win. Each team has seven players, but all is not as it seems. The field is filled with fights and hazards that will throw a wrench in your progress. Not to worry, as you can always bribe the referee to gain some extra points. Yes, the game is filled with action, but it’s the fun and the humor that makes it stand out.

Offline Games Are Also an Option

It’s not just online games that will appeal to NFL fans; there are some more traditional options available as well. Check out options like this NFL cornhole set, which takes everything you know and love about cornhole and adds a unique NFL twist to it. Cornhole is the perfect backyard game to enjoy with family and friends, and if you’ve got the space available, there’s nothing to stop you from playing indoors during the colder weather.

Some of the most popular board games out there can also be found with a special NFL theme including Monopoly, Jenga, Guess Who, trivia-based games and more. Now, it may take a bit of searching to find these themed versions, but it will be well worth it. 

Outside of these games, getting some friends together to play a game of football is another fabulous way to give a nod to the sport you love so much.

Each of these games and activities gives you a way to feed your passion for football and keep the sport alive even as it heads into the off-season. For diehard fans there truly is no off-season — you just need to switch up how you appreciate the sport.

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